Thursday, June 18, 2009

Top 10 Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Ideas!

Gifts are a part of Fathers Day! You may still be seeking inspiration for the Fathers in your life. Men can be difficult to shop for but to simply things, remember to think of activities he enjoys.

And for your mate, you can always give a "Spicy" gift! Such as lingerie or weekend hotel getaway...a gift that he'll enjoy and promotes time together. You can apply that same sentiment and give gifts that promote family time together as well!
If you are still looking, here is a list of 10 last minute Fathers Days gifts from!
10. Auto Card Manager
(Credit Card Organizer)
9. Swiss Army Hunters Red Knife...always a popular must have
(Knife has multiple features; including blades, corkscrew & bottle opener, screwdriver, tweezor & more! He'll be ready for anything,)
8. Fishing Gear
(Promotes weekend getaways solo or with family & friends.)
7. Golf Clubs
(For the golfer who works hard & deserves to enjoy lifes simple pleasures.)
6. Bridle Leather Dress Wallet
(This is a sophisticated upscale leather wallet that is worn in the breast pocket a jacket vs. pant pocket)
5. Wine
( A wine tasting perhaps...let him taste wine from all around the world.)
4. Grooming Kit
(Keep him fresh & clean!)
3. Facial Care
(Pamper him with products that will keep him looking younger & handsome too.)
2. Sports or Concert Event Tickets
(If he's into sports or has a favorite band, he'll enjoy the gift of entertainment.)
1. Watch
(Everytime he checks the time, he'll think of you and all of the happy times you've shared together.)
Other Fathers Days activity and gift ideas? Share them!


Anonymous said...

this is perfect timing, i still need some ideas too :)

Mister said...

Ok, well I saw this Facebook and I agree with the poll on, and would have to say a watch.

I quality time piece is always nice!

Anonymous said...

Rest, someone to cut the grass and rest, a beer, some food, rest and some affection. my ideal Fathers Day, LOL!

Taliyah said...

Fantastic ideas.!! Well, I used to do most of gift shopping from Red Envelope.


One of the things I really enjoyed doing with my dad as an adult was going out on the golf course for a hit of golf every now and again. Neither of us were much good, but it didn't matter.It was a lovely day spent together.

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Allen said...

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