Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Contest Time! Win free Make Up!!

* We apologize for earlier technical difficulties. The video related to the contest is now up!
The industry professionals of Glam Girl Studio are presenting a new contest exclusively for Spicy Wifey! This is a perfect opportunity to learn how to execute a new make up look and win free cosmetics!! Woo hoo!

Scroll to the bottom and the login is SultrySpice. This will take you to the video and face chart.
The contest is as follows...Watch the video and tell us:
1. What is the models name?
2. Where are we doing makeup?
3. What is the benchmark of a smokey eye?
4. What is the perfect pairing for a smokey eye?
5. How do you choose your brow color?
6.What is the motion used to apply the crease color?

The winner will receive an exclusive Glam Girl Kit that will include the products featured in our next Spicy Wifey video as well as lots of Glam Girl goodies. We would also love for participants to take pictures and send them to us at
Good luck ladies and may the best face win!


Anonymous said...

I will try and would love to WIN!

Anonymous said...

I attempted to watch the video and it wouldn't load on my computer, can you post it on the blog?

Mrs. Mommy said...

VIDEO is up and running! I just entered and hope to win!

Spicy Wifey in training said...

I have always wanted to learn how to do a smokey eye and the make up artist makes it look so easy!

I hope I win too!!!

Spicy Wifey said...

Thank you ladies for your interest and participation in our very FIRST contest!

Its important to look and feel good in order to be at your SPICIEST! The team at Glam Girls Studio are professional artists that specialize in TV/Film/Print. They are some of the BEST in the industry!

The look is simple to execute with practice and the right tools and if you win, you'll be well equipped with all you need to complete your Sultry look!

Good Luck!