Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Where are the Happy Couples?

Okay, am I alone or is anyone else just plain OVER the media fixation on bad relationships, cheating spouses, and ugly divorces? With the latest being the Tiger Woods accident and alleged domestic squabble, and right before that the Fergie and Josh stripper scandal, and before that the Toni Braxton announcement of pending divorce from long time hubby and the list goes on and on and on.

No wonder the divorce rate is so high! Is it possible with all the negativity that is being forced fed to us that are minds are unknowing beginning programmed to expect and accept failure?

Whew! After that being said Spicy Wifey would like to shout out and celebrate some HAPPY COUPLES! Some couples that we see making a good go of it! Shout out to all the Spicy Wifey's and Spousy's making it work and having a good time doing it. Don't get me wrong I know that it takes work and things won't always be perfect but let's celebrate love, commitment, and togetherness. Let spread encouragement, inspiration and stories of triumph.

The Spicy Wifey Feature Couple is:
Paula Patton and Robin Thicke

The gorgeous actress, Paula Patton, is co-starring in the Oscar buzzing film Precious in theaters now. Robin's latest album "Sex Therapy" is due to drop December 15th. HUMMM love the title Robin! No wonder they are expecting their first child this spring! Congratulations to a beautiful couple soon to be beautiful parents.

~Keep it Spicy!


Natalie said...

I love the feature couple! I think they are a really handsome young couple. I heard they were high school sweethearts too!

Anonymous said...

I love them together! Congrats on the new baby too!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how his wife feels about all the Sexy going on in his new video...

divalong97 said...

I love the feature couple too...I get so tired of people downplaying love and marriage...Marriage is what you make of it. Nothing is easy, but anything worth having will be hard.