Monday, October 5, 2009


Many of our Spicy Wifey’s are Spicy Mommy's too, or just extremely busy wifey’s on the go, so we wanted to share a post from “Mommy Fashionality” that give us tips on how to put our best face forward by applying easy, quick, but natural looking make-up.

Makeup does not mean you need to look like you have it on, it is simply to enhance your natural beauty.
  • Always moisturize your skin before applying your makeup in the morning. Find a good moisturizer that will also double as a lip moisturizer.

  • To save time, apply a concealer around your eyes and blend to hide any dark circles, or minimize any puffiness for a well rested look.

  • Now a dusting of loose or pressed powder will give you a finished look.

  • Adding a cream blush with a little sheen will add color, and brighten up your face for an all day finished look.

  • You can save more time by using your cream blush as a natural lip color. Simply use your finger to apply to your lips.

  • [Make sure to apply eyeliner.] Not only does this add color to your eye makeup, but it gives you the bright-eyed appearance you long for. Skip the bottom lashes as this can close the eye and make dark circles reappear.

  • Apply a touch of a neutral cream eye shadow color to the lid and blend.

  • Complete the look with a light coat of mascara and your eyes will look great!

The biggest thing to remember about quick, superb makeup is that you really do get what you pay for. It is better to pay for makeup that will last throughout the day without reapplications, then to spend the day adjusting your makeup.

Thanks Mommy Fashionality! For the complete post and more for moms who love fashion and style, check out this post “Ready Set Makeup!!!” and more at:


Execumama said...

Good tips. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try the concealer around the eyes trick for sure. These tired mommy eyes could use a bit of sprucing up!

Anonymous said...

me too! When is the next make up contest????!!!