Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Beyonce Video - Halo

Here's some entertainment. Check out the new video from Beyonce... a true "Spicy Wifey". It's one of her next singles called "Halo". We did have her new video "Diva" posted also, but the link became bad. Are you feeling the video? Drop a comment.



Mrs.Brown1998 said...

Yes, Beyonce is a Spicy Wifey! I know she wants to protect her privacy but I wish she would just be a WIFE already. We know her and Jay are married :)
I like that she is wearing more natural make up and letting it go. Beyonce has roots and everything. LOL! She seems more relaxed and mature since she got married. GO B!

Anonymous said...

I love both songs and video. In Halo is the guy suppose to be an angel and thats why she feels & sees his "Halo"?

Spicy Wifey said...

I asked my husband the same question. Some of the video seems like a dream sequence. There are moments were he is just looking at her and not touching her. Not sure if he's suppose to be a ghost and she is reflecting on their life together, or what. I also like the play on the natural light and "Halo". Its beautifully done. They both look beautiful in the video together!