Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Spicy Wifey is on a MISSION!

Spicy Wifey is an Atlanta-based company designed to inspire and encourage married women and single women aspiring to be married to add “spice & flavor” to their marriage. Our purpose is to revitalize the role of the wife, create more positive perceptions of married life, and improve the quality of marriage for women and men. Through our products, services, and forums for exchanging and obtaining information, Spicy Wifey strives to bridge the gap between the roles of traditional and modern wives, empowering women to invigorate themselves and their relationships.
We will be launching our Online Boutique in Spring 2009!
We will offer a variety of products designed to help you SPICE up your relationship.
2009 will be the kick off to our Seasonings Sessions. These are classes and workshops developed for Spicy Wifeys only! Our classes, seminars and workshops are going to educate and empower you with real tools you can apply to your relationship.
Our first Session will be Lap Dance 101!
This class is back by popular demand! Classes fill up fast...stay tuned for more details!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Lap Dance this for beginners? Too bad you didn't have this before the holidays. I could have wrapped myself up for Christmas. What other classes will Spicy Wifey have next year?

Anonymous said...

Great mission!keeping a long relationship hot is challenging.
The inspiration from your site is intriging. I think I'd love giving a lap dance. I feel empowered just thinking about it and curioius to see my husband's response.