Saturday, March 21, 2009

Now Registering For Tasty!

Register TODAY for Spicy Wifey Seasonsing Session - Tasty!

A customized series for Spicy Wifey by The Life Chef, Asata Reid. Revamp your nightly repast with an internationally inspired series, designed to bring the entire family to the table. Everyday ingredients get a make over and take center stage in sexy, delicious, nutritious meals that will have you canceling those restaurant reservations and coming home for dinner night after night!
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Session Menu Below
Inspired Everyday Italian -- Italian food doesn't have to be filling pasta and heavy sauces. This Inspired Italian menu uses fresh ingredients to bring a light yet flavorful meal to the table.

Skip the calorie laden Caesar salad for this fresh starter made from many local ingredients: Arugula, strawberries and hazelnuts with a goat cheese vinaigrette
You can enjoy carb-conscious amounts of soul-satisfying pasta without the wheat gluten: Spicy Broccoli “scampi” with matchstick gluten free pasta
Pair Georgia gulf coast shrimp with Italian vegetables for these skewers which are perfect on the grill or in the oven: Marinated Gulf coast shrimp with fennel, peppers and lemons


Anonymous said...

Yummy! If I lived in Atlanta I would certainly be there.

I love when I cook for my husband and he loves it. Especially since I'm not the most experienced cook. So I really feel quite special when I hit a home run at the dinner table.

Newbie said...

Great idea...its important to be Spicy in all areas of marriage. One way to mans heart is through his stomache! Many women don't want to believe it, but it so true!!

As a woman, I like to expand and explore my options. My man is OK if I can't cook or don't but I am not OK with not being confident in the kitchen. So cooking classes get a "thumbs up" from me!

Vik said...

SW, you know if I were in the A, I'd be all over this Tasty Session.

Those menu items sound divine.

Spicy Wifey said...

I know Vik! You love food! Whats your blog address again? We love new recipes, so if you have some great ones, please share :)