Friday, March 27, 2009


There is still time to register for our FIRST cooking Session!

We are excited to bring you a customized series of cooking classes exclusively for Spicy Wifey by The Life Chef, Asata Reid!

"Revamp your nightly repast with an internationally inspired series, designed to bring the entire family to the table. Everyday ingredients get a make over and take center stage in sexy, delicious, nutritious meals that will have you canceling those restaurant reservations and coming home for dinner night after night!"

Spice it up in the bedroom, spice it up in the kitchen! You don't know how? Spicy Wifey is here to help...join us for an afternoon of inspiration, information and tasty cuisine!

All the delicious details available at, click "shop spicy wifey"

1 comment:

Mrs. Brown said...

I saw this on the Facebook Group page and will try to make it!

I believe in keeping it spicy all over the place...the kitchen, bedroom, when cleaning, when sleeping...Spicy flying all over my house! LOL