Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Take Notice - Hot Homework

If you want to be better in bed, you need to do your homework! Try Dr. Laura Berman's weekly homework assignment, designed to help you ace your sex life. Dr. Laura is the director of the Berman Center in Chicago, a specialized healthcare facility for women and couples where she provides general and sexual therapy. She is also an assistant clinical professor of OB-GYN and psychiatry at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University. Dr. Berman has been working as a sex educator, researcher and therapist for 20 years. She is the author of the New York Times best-selling book Real Sex for Real Women. (featured on Oprah)

This Week: Does your best friend have a great marriage and love life? Do you respect the way your aunt and uncle treat each other? Write a detailed description of a relationship that you really admire and discover which qualities you would like to incorporate into your own love life.

This is a simple assignment IF you have quality role models! Most of us know at least one couple who is succeeding in love. Be sure to tell the couple that you have noticed too! If not, don't use that as an excuse to not complete this assignment. You can still write down a detailed description of qualities you desire to achieve in your relationship and love life and share those with your partner! In the meanwhile, seek inspirations in couples that you encounter. It doesn't mean that they have a perfect relationship, but that they are successful in some aspect of their relationship.


Anonymous said...

I do like this because so often seeing a couple doing well in their marriage can make you feel like its possible for me too. Or to see imperfections in other couples is a reminder that means my relationship is normal!

Mrs. Brown said...

Good idea...there are always living and breathing examples in our lives that we can learn from.

Quin said...

I know so many fab couples! Some have more successful marriages than others. But you can even learn from someone who has a not so good marriage on the surface.

Its important to surround yourself with other couples that are working toward marital bliss