Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flirting...Fun or Forbidden?

Forsaking all others is the vow that most take when they became husband and wife. Most would assume that to mean infidelity but what else are you suppose to forsake? What is acceptable in a marriage has to be clearly defined by the couple. Individually we establish boundaries to govern whats permissible in our individual unions.

"I have a married co-worker who CLEARLY has a crush on another married co-worker. And the flirting between the two comes just shy of fireworks at times. Its uncomfortable to watch as a Wifey because it calls me to question how I would feel if my husband were involved in similar interaction with another women. And too, how he would feel if I was flirting with another man. It hasn't become physical so its harmless
,right?" What do you think?


Anonymous said...

It's not harmless. Ceatig begins in the mind. Flirting fuels the desire. Then next thing you know there is a marriage or in this case two that have been comprimised. Foresaking all others is just that. No spouse shouls allow this type of inteaction with the opposite sex. It's about self-control and respecting who you married. If you woulnd't carry on like that in front of your spouse, it should't happen at all!

Anonymous said...

pls excuse typos.... lol

Anonymous said...

Well said, even with the typos, lol! I heard you loud and clear. I think thats the best gauge for appropriate or inapporpriate behavior. "would you do in front of your spouse"

Vik said...

I agree with all of that.

Anonymous said...

I think flirting is harmless! And to say cheating starts in the mind may be true. But flirting is hardly cheating if you don't have intentions to take it any further. My husband and I allow a little playful flirting. He likes when guys look at me, cause he takes it mean that his wife looks good and is desireable. Yet I belong to him. And vice versa!

We are OK, with it so it works in our relationship and we still flirt with eachother too

Spicy Wifey said...

There is truth in each comment! We have had similar comments left on our Facebook pages as well!

Boundaries have to be set by the couple and respected. For some, flirting is seen as a betrayal of sorts. For other couples, harmless & playful.

Flirting can be a gray area and without defined boundaries can easily create division between a couple.

In previous Spicy Wifey post we have touched on the importance on flirting with your significant other. Just as we did when we were dating! So I am going to try and get my flirt on a bit with my husband more!

Spicy Wifey Co-Founder

Anonymous said...

I have a co worker who flirts with me and it's obvious he has a crush on me (trust me, It's not the other way around! lol!). I just let it go,as long as he didn't cross the line. But one day, he asked me could he take a picture of me with his Iphone, I had to check him. I told him, if my husband asked another chick could he take pictures of her, I'd whoop his a$$. Then I asked him, how would his wife feel about that. But I too thought for a moment, God, I hope my husband wouldn't be THAT guy. But then I remembered, I married my guy for a reason. :-)