Monday, February 2, 2009

How to Become your SEXIEST self in 2009!

Spicy Wifey declared 2009 The Year of the Wife! We know the many complexities of wifeyhood can take a toll on your inner sexy. Keeping the flame burning in marriage is critical but easier said than done. Well in 2009, bring her back! We invite you to get reacquainted with your sexy self and remind your spouse how hot you still are! Here's how...

1. Own it & Believe
What we project outwardly is a reflection of whats going on with our inner selves. Therefore, its important to believe that you are sexy if you want your spouse to believe it as well. Know that there is nothing wrong with being sensual and desirable. Sexual desire is a part of who we are as human beings and sexual intimacy is a gift when shared with your husband. If you are having difficulty believing, just fake it until you make it!

2. Rock Your Confidence
Project how fabulous you are and feel! Positive energy is contagious and attractive. By embodying a more confident persona your spouse will take notice. When you are confident, you are secure and that security will allow you to be open and vulnerable with your spouse. This allows you to enter new territory and try new sexy things!

3. Let Your Body Talk
Recall back in your single days how you would approach catching the eye of the opposite sex. An inviting smile or a sensual glance or a simple wink would trigger excitement? Well that same body language still has a place in your relationship, you just stopped using it. At this stage, you can even take flirting to the next level! No need to worry if you appear too forward of inappropriate. Let your body talk to him in 2009! He will listen.

4. Sultry Expression
Now that your new mantra is"I Believe I'm Sexy", you're rocking your confidence and you are getting your flirt on with your husband, its time for more overt expression. Take out the red stilettos, if that's what he likes! Marriage affords you certain can relax and let your hair down. But every once in while, go all out and make an entrance when you walk into the room! Let your husband be the envy of other men. Make an effort to wear clothes that make YOU feel good and stimulate your mate. He'll appreciate the effort!

5. Make a Move
Steps 1-3 has your inner sexy on board! Step 4 has you expressing what you already KNOW on the inside. You now feel empowered to make your move! Initiate some intimate encounters with your mate. You make the first move for a change! Your new found confidence and good energy can trickle over into other areas of your life too! Hellooooo Sexy!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thats all I can say. This is the hottest blog ever! This is such a great idea, why hasn't anyone thought of this before.

Wives have been ingnored forEVER! We are hot & sexy and the more men see that. The more men will be open to the idea of getting married. The less married men will look at their single friends like they are missing out.

The picture of the heels is what caught my eye. And I would have never thought the post would be for wives. Go ladies!!!

Spicy Wifey said...

Yes, that is a great picture. And there is no reason why it shouldn't speak to wives. The image caught my husbands eye too!
So wives, if you don't own a pair of red heels or may need to run out a get a pair for your husband!

There is something to be said about Anonymous's point that if the popular perception was such that looked at wives as hot & sexy women, to be sought after. More single men may look at being married differently. And women wouldn't feel that they were going to have to surrender their sexy persona in marriage. You don't have to become a homely housewife, unless you want to.

Jade said...

I always try to look my best when going out to dinner with friends, and a few days ago, my man brought it to my attention that I never do this for him. He then hinted again, that he wanted me to look sexy like I used to for him for Valentines Day. I thought I just lost that appeal to him, that he found me less desirable, so I gave up and NEVER get dressed up for HIM! I was annoyed that he didnt think I looked sexy in my sweats but also, flattered that I he didnt think I was a lost cause. Your blog couldnt have come at a better time!

Chelsea C. said...

I LOVE all your tips! Such a great idea for a blog!

I tagged you in a post today! Have a great weekend!

Spicy Wifey said...

Jade, I'm glad you found some inspiration in this post. Your comment really resonates with me.

There is a certain luxury in marriage... you don't have to always be "ON". You can lounge around in sweats and let your hair down. I bet your hubbie loves you in sweats too! It’s important to note that being sexy is about you feeling good. That may be one reason you make the effort when out with your girls. You look good and feel good and you have a better time.

Your husband is checking you out and he wants a little bit of that too. So give him what he wants! It’s mutually beneficially to you and your relationship.

I applaud you and your husband for being able to communicate about this! (you look beautiful in you profile pic by the way)

Thanks for visiting Spicy Wifey and sharing your thoughts!

Execumama said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of Spicey Wifey! I'm a happily married Spicey Wifey myself and will definitely keep an eye on your blog and activities!

ChristinaJonesExclusives said...

There's a LOT to be said for being sexy for your husband, because it not only turns him on, but also shows him that you CARE about turning him on, that you WANT to be sexy for him. (Recent discovery for me, lol)

Spicy Wifey said...

So true Christina and thanks for stopping by Execumomma!