Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Day - inexpensive, sincere and sexy

Valentines Day is upon us! We've all seen the retailers with displays of pink and red explosions.
Candy, teddy bears, flowers, balloons and cards runneth over. We love our spouses everyday, but Valentines Day is a freebie. It's expressing your love made easy, right? Or is it overkill?

If you are feeling anti Valentines Day and you missed the Spicy Wifey Massage Your Mate Session, you made need some inspiration. Massage therapist, Jewette Burroughs of Hands On Quality Mobile Massage, reminded us how powerful words can be when expressing love. Although she taught us how to relax and soothe our mates with a sensual massage for Valentines Day, she noted that the experience begins long before the actual massage. She suggested to start by calling your mate at work at the start of his day and telling him how much you appreciate and miss him. Personally, I never would have thought of that. But what a fitting prelude to a romantic evening.

Men often want to feel needed, appreciated and desired. Maybe your guy gets giddy over flowers or candy but more than likely...not so much! Retail analyst suggest men like electronics, sports and technology based items. If this turns him on, great! And if you have and want to spend the funds, wonderful! But if you have man that's harder to shop for, or you are watching the budget, we suggest a different approach.

  • Love Letters - And not just sweet ones. But let him know that "he's the MAN". You appreciate him and be specific. Tell him how sexy and desirable he is and how wonderful he makes you feel.
  • Kinky Coupons - Make coupons that are redeemable for your affections. Get creative! Print out a sheet and slide them in his newspaper. His coffee won't be the only thing hot that morning.
  • HIS Day - Proclaim a particular day of the year an official holiday in your heart in his honor. Purchase a certificate to make it look official and list all the many reasons you love and appreciate him. On his holiday, make him feel like a King. Cook his favorite meals, let him watch is favorite TV shows, etc. Whatever he likes!
    We'd love to hear how you spend Valentines Day? Share any creative ideas you have!

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Anonymous said...

I took the massage class and when J said to start the day off setting the tone for the night was a light bulb moment for me too!

And I love how she said if you are arguing with your mate, to look in their eyes and hold hands. And when you are doing that its almost impossible to argue!

So, I do agree with doing something new and different for Valentines Day. I like the coupons and I will put the "Sensual Massage" on one of them!