Thursday, August 13, 2009

1st Love Language

The Spicy Wifey Book Club selection is The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

The book is a VERY easy read and millions have found it of great benefit when improving communication with their mates. And surprisingly, you can also apply the Love Language philosophy to benefit communication in the workplace and with friends and family members!

COMMUNICATION is frequently sited as an area of opportunity in most relationships. The Five Love Languages explores what is the best "language" to use when communicating. Reading this book I quickly discovered that I wasn't speaking my husbands language. Therefore, when I expressed love, anger, concern or any other emotion...he didn't always hear me. And not because he wasn't listening but because I wasn't necessarily speaking HIS language.
This brings us to the Love Language....Words of Affirmation.

A person who responds to verbal compliments, encouragement and verbal reaffirming may respond to this love language. Like my hubby does, at times! To learn more, join us in reading The Five Love Languages!

We will assemble in Atlanta September 12th for a discussion about the book. However, those abroad can get in on the discussion now! Look for periodic posts on this blog and our Facebook group page.

We can't wait to hear your thoughts, experiences and stories of discovery!
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Spicy Wifey said...

I have to say,learning my husbands "Love Language" was ground breaking in our relationship. Its facinating that something so simple can make such a huge difference when praticed regularly.
Honestly, we both, respond to all Five Love Languages. But emphasis on one or two is what has made the difference for us.
I am fortunate to have a spectacular spouse, but there is always room for improvement!
Quin, Spicy Wifey

Ms. K! said...

Thanks for suggesting this book and OMG it IS so good! I asked my man to read it and I don't think he will, so I am taking notes and filling him in.

Natalie said...

Girl, they have the book on cd so if you have a long car ride just pop it in, or one day while you guys are hanging around the house press play! Just another way to get him to read the book without actually reading! :-)

Anonymous said...

Audio is a great idea. I do alot of books that way these days.

Mr. Itsmmy Lassnam said...

Ok. My wife told me about this blog site. She was so excited about the concept that I thought I'd check it out. I look at it every now and then. Cool idea for the ladys. But, I had to go ahead and chime in on this topic.

Seems like everyone is so caught up in you need to know MY language...what love language DO I speak...I ONLY respond to MY language.

But have you taken the time to understand the language your SPOUSE USES to communicate. They might be displaying or saying they love you in certain ways every day but you are missing it because you're waiting for that person to use the language you want or like (learn my language). And all the time while you're waiting, you think they don't care or don't love you because you didn't notice the signs, signals or deeds. Can you really force someone to act a certain way if it's simply not in their nature?

GREAT subject.

Spicy Wifey said...

Ok, Mr. Lassnam - thank you for checking out Spicy Wifey! We welcome the feedback and hope you continue to visit us. I find you comment so valid!

What a great perspective to bring to the conversation. And one that is addressed in the book, The Five Love Languages.
Sounds like you and your wife are familiar with the concepts. Great for engaging & listening.
My husband said the same thing when I told him about the book. If the person you love is expressing it in a way that is sincere, you should just receive it.

I agree with him too. And I agree with speaking a Love Language that will yield the best result. Because, if my goal is to communicate love to him, I want him to hear me as loudly and clearly as possible. I am doing this as a self-less expression for him, to help fill his tank. And if its words of affirmation he wants, its words of affirmation I will learn to give. Because its about me wanting him to feel loved.

There is so many layers to this conversation, thanks for chiming in!

Quin, Spicy Wifey

Spicy Wifey said...

We need to hear from Natalie, Spicy Wifey Co-Founder and resident expert on The Five Love Languages!