Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sleep or Sex?

As we continue our discussion exploring The Five Love Languages, we introduced Physical Touch.
A new study, funded by Westin Hotels, shows more than half (51%) of Americans surveyed chose to snooze. Just 10 years ago, a similar study found sex to be the priority -- with only 31% saying they'd rather sleep. No surpise that more men opted to have sex and no doubt, sleep after! The ladies on the other hand, said nighty night!

What do these results really say? Perhaps there is a correlation between lack of sex in relationships and divorce. Are we so stressed and overworked that we neglect to intimately connect with our mates? Sex is a way to maintain and nurture your bond. Without that physical touch, you may find your relationship mirroring that of room mates and not lovers. Ok, so you are just too tired and can't engage fully in the act of sex. Physical touch can involve embracing, caressing or kissing. That type of physical interaction is one element that distinguishes platonic relationships from more personal ones.

Sleep & sex are both essential. Spicy Wifey suggests a Sexy Slumber Party with your mate! Make an effort to get both in one night. Make it about getting in rest and sex. You can keep it simple, and set the mood and indulge in all the kissing and heavy petting you can until you fall asleep. Or go all out, get a room. Let your mate sleep first and wake them up with a little bit more than breakfast in bed!
Which would you rather do?


Spicy Wifey said...

Nicole Lapin of recently discussed this topic and I found it fitting as we continue to discuss The Five Love Languages.

As, I said before, physical touch is my love lanuage and it is important to note, that does not exclusively mean sex. I am also a busy working Mom and usually in need of sleep. So, I love the idea of combining a night of passion with sleep!

Westin hotel does have pretty comfy beds by the way!
Quin, Spicy Wifey

Anonymous said...

Another good topic! I hate that this has happend in my marriage. I remember when we couldn't keep our hands off of eachother. Now, there are certainly times when our relationship feels like a room mate or friend arrangement.

Spicy Wifey said...

Thanks for sharing your story! This is not unique and not the end either. Its never to late flip your situation!
Communication and reconnecting may be whats needed to help. Especially if you both want to see things change. Relationships have seasons, some are full of sunshine & roses and another season maybe rainy & cloudy...but without the rain there would be no roses!

Try reading The Five Love Languages with us, let us know what you think!
Quin, Spicy Wifey

Bible Gal said...

This topic is very important..maybe something new or spicey needs to be tried, something you wouldn't normally do or somewhere you wouldn't normally do it at.Sometimes with kids its easier said than done but make the time,as the old saying goes what you are not willing to do someone else will. And as the bible says 1 corinthians 7:5 Do not deprive each other except by mutual consent and for a that satan will not tempt you because of your lack of control. Married couples should read this whole chapter. It works.
Bible Gal

Spicy Wifey said...

Thanks Bible Gal for chiming in!
Powerful scripture and so true.