Monday, August 10, 2009

Attention Ex , 2nd and Remarried Wifeys!

Our friends at Blended Family Soap Opera recently introduced Spicy Wifey to their world of readers! Spicy Wifey recognizes that blended families and wives face challenges that are exclusive to the blended family circumstance. We applaud your perseverance and encourage you to increase the Spice Factor in your marriage! Welcome to the Spicy Wifey Movement!

The Blended Family Soap Opera Mission Statement:
Blended Family Soap Opera was created in hopes of helping other blended families adjust to this new, but very common type of family. We firmly believe that dialogue promotes change, and it is our sincere desire that this blog prompts other blended families to begin discussing their issues in order to work towards resolution.

We don’t believe in sugar-coating any of our material because this blog is about being honest and straight to the point, even using our own past and sometimes present misgivings and mistakes in order to deliver a message. We don’t believe, however, in ex-spouse bashing and all of our thoughts and opinions are not meant to offend anyone. BFSO wants to hear and values ALL perspectives within the blended family; ex-husbands, second wives, stepchildren and ex-wives. We understand that certain blended family issues are never black and white, and hope you understand that our articles will often be a reflection of our own experiences. If you want information or advice that is applicable to your specific situation, then anyone of our blended family coaches will be happy to help you out.
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