Monday, April 5, 2010

WEIGHT A MINUTE MONDAY: Jennifer Hudson New Spokesperson for Weight Watchers

Last week it was announced that Jennifer Hudson is now the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers. If you've seen Jennifer Hudson in the past few months it's been undeniable the changes in her weight! Now we know how she's doing it...Weight Watchers. On Good Morning America she said that she wanted to set a great example for her new baby boy by making healthier choices.

Weight Watchers has a four-way approach to healthy weight loss.
A New England Journal of Medicine study finds that cutting calories --regardless of the balance of carbohydrates, proteins, or fats -- and attending group sessions helps you lose weight. The study showed that people who regularly attended group sessions or who used on-line tracking tools kept more of the weight off that those that didn't.

So basically if you have some type of regular support system you will be more like to lose and keep more of it off. Which is what everyone ultimately wants. So if it is Weight Watchers or some other type of weight loss or healthy lifestyle support group or system the battle may be better won together than alone.

Have you tried Weight Watchers or any other type of support tool or system for weight loss or healthy living?


Anonymous said...

She looks great!

Erika @ BluLabel Bungalow said...

Jenn looks amazing! weight watchers does work. I lot 15lbs using it a few years ago and still have all my materials. I might need to revisit the plan!

Natalie said...

I've always heard that weight watchers works too! I should try it too, you know there's always a way to lose weight but I need to learn how to make it a lifestyle change.