Monday, April 12, 2010

Weight A Minute Monday! Wedding Weight-Loss Plan: Exercises

Vow to live long and healthy life together. Start by exercising and eating right before and after the big day. Look to each other for support. Lead by example and encourage your partner to keep his or her promise. And don't forget to reward yourselves for all your hard work!

Engage in Exercise

Compound Exercises use more than one muscle group at a time. For those brides-to-be looking to tone their arms and back for a strapless gown, this is an excellent exercise -- and it's just as good for the grooms. Using resistance bands pull the band far apart between you to achieve an adequate amount of tension. The person holding the handles should start with a squat, pulling the bands toward you. Once you come out of the squat and end with a back row, pulling your arms back, elbows bent and close to the body. Make sure to squeeze through the shoulders, Release and repeat the combination. Make sure to switch with your partner. This exercise will work the back, biceps, and triceps.

The plank - otherwise known as the "bye-bye belly" -- is an excellent way to trim your waistline. The plank targets the core. Face each other and lower down into plank position forearms on the floor, legs fully extended, toes on the floor, heels positioned as if they were pressing up against a wall behind you; make sure you are parallel to the floor and keep your butt down, your hips straight and your abs tight. To make this exercise more advanced, give each other high fives with opposite hands (as if you were playing patty cake).

Article taken from The Dr. Oz Show website.

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