Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 The Year of the WIFE!

The first week of 2009 is almost over and many have told us they have already faltered on their resolutions. NO WORRIES! Its not the end of the world and never to late to start anew.
We asked readers to share their top 3 New Year Resolutions and guess what the #1 New Year Resolutions was? No loose weight!

Since its important to you, its important to us. And we will support your efforts to get FIT & FAB in 2009. Check in regularly for tips, recipes and encouragement!

As we embark on the YEAR of the WIFE don't forget to celebrate you and your successes! You are special and worthy as you are, TODAY. Even if you are one of many desiring to loose weight this year. Partner that with an emphasis on good health. Set attainable goals that can become life long habits. For example, instead of a quick fix diet, focus on drinking more water and at meal time, eat 1 serving instead of two. If joining a gym or exercising in unrealistic right now, commit to taking long walks at least 3 times a week. You can even make it a romantic stroll with your Spicy Spousey. And don't forget, sex is a wonderful way to burn calories! Burn away ladies!
Continue to share your progress with us!


yummy mummy said...

Every year I want to loose weight. And I do well for the first couple of months or so. I have had the most success with Weight Watchers I must say! The concept is very similar to what you suggest to readers. Smaller portions, lower calories and excercise. Its the first time I lost weight and kept if of, I'd like to recommend me that to your readers. To feel "spicy" you have to feel good and for some that does mean loosing some weight. But you're right, its about small steps and healthy life style choices!
Nice blog by the way!

Chelsea C. said...

I've been playing the I'll-start-the-diet-tomorrow game since new years day. Tomorrow is the day... for real this time. :) Thanks for the tips!

Spicy Wifey said...

I know, I know! I've so been there. Starting a diet requires you get your mind right first. If you aren't ready mentally, you won't stick to it. But if you're ready, YOU CAN DO IT!!!
This year I am not going to even lie to myself. I am cutting portions and calories NO DIETS. Excercising when I can. Although I am famous for loosing weight for an a occasion really really fast. After loosing the weight, I gain it back. Because I am not having anymore babies, I am going to loose the right way and create a healthy lifestyle and KEEP IT OFF FOREVER & EVER!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what were your resolutions POME? Just curious :)