Saturday, January 3, 2009

Increase your SPICE Factor in 2009!

Everyday represents a fresh start but for those who need official motivation, the New Year marks the perfect time to begin the rest of your life! Spicy Wifey has exciting plans in 2009 - with the official launch of our Online Boutique and the start of our Seasoning Sessions Workshops & Seminars. We are here to provide support and inspire you to invigorate that SPICY WIFEY in you AND your marriages!

Consider some SPICY resolutions in 2009!
1. Spice it up in the kitchen this year. Have you heard the saying, a way to a mans heart is through is stomach...this is an old school philosophy. But I've yet to meet a man that doesn't eat! Serve more of your mates favorite dishes. Or present some new tasty options.

2. Spice it up in the bedroom. Being a wife is HOT! Sex is a way to connect and bond. In marriage you have the addition of kids and household responsibilities that provide distractions. Just as you wouldn't neglect those responsibilities you must not neglect the union between you and your mate.

3. Feel Spicy! Being a wife is comparable to being Superwoman! With all that we do, we often put ourselves at the bottom on our to -do lists. If at all. Ask yourself, what makes you feel hot & spicy? Time invested in you is an investment in your marriage. Spicy Wifey Heidi Klum's husband's (Seal) motto is "happy wife, happy life", oh so true, right?

Being the best wife you can requires balance of mind, body and spirit. Its a delicate balance and cannot be achieved without effort.
But Spicy Wifey is here to help! Check back often for recipes & cooking tips! And great discussions addressing sex & relationships! This blog is a tool for us to exchange information. Thank you for sharing and please continue to contribute and leave your comments in 2009. For those in the Atlanta area, beginning in the spring, Spicy Wifey is will be hosting workshops & seminars designed to empower you to increase YOUR SPICE FACTOR!

What are your top 3 resolutions this year? Tell us at


Mrs.Brown1998 said...

I certainly NEED to increase the spice in the relationship in 2009! I like the pic with the post too. Maybe I should serve up a little dinner in that outfit. LOL!

I do agree that in order to be a good wife you have to feel good about you. Thats one of my resolutions also. I plan to make an effort to do more things for myself.

Anonymous said...

lmao . nice postttt .

Good Gals Inc said...

Okay I just found your blog and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! It's fabulous. Can not wait to read more and catch up! Check mine out!

Chelsea said...

Great blog! CUTE name!!! We could all use a little spice in our lives!