Friday, January 9, 2009

Sex 101...Get Your Freak On!

Wifeys, I hope you watched Oprah today! The show was all about how to live your best sex life. Author of Real Sex for Real Women, Dr. Laura Berman provided expertise and tips that we can apply to our relationships. .

Dr. Berman says every couple deserves a happy, healthy and fulfilling sex life. "Having that passion and that sexual connection in your relationship is what separates you from being roommates and co-parents," she says. "It's really what gives you that intimacy, that connection, that life force, that life energy in your relationship."

Here are her top 5 tips of improving your sex life.

1. Tell the truth- No faking it.

2. Ask for what you want. This also means you have to explore what you want.

3. Let go of negative messages. Positive communication is the best way to get results.

4. See your doctor. Especially if you notice changes or have questions about your physical body.
5. Make sex a priority.

Visit for more information on this show and view the web cast if you missed todays episode. You can also email Dr. Laura directly with questions about sex, toys and new positions!


Good Gals Inc said...

I saw that show and all the tips are so true!!! Thanks for posting the list and the link!

Spicy Wifey said...

You know it!

Mrs.2009 said...

I am so glad you reminded me about Oprah. I want to get the book this weekend. The tips are all true. I mean, I faked it for years.(don't act like you didn't) But I didn't want my man to feel bad. But it wasn't helping in the long run you know, since he thought he was doing what he needed to do.
And if you think positive and be open and honest it works out. I don't fake it anymore, because I don't have too!

Anonymous said...

Found your blog by way of the Domestic Deevah.

Telling the truth, is the truth! lol Seriously, how can one know what you want and need if you don't communicate that? Great blog.

Spicy Wifey said...

Yes it is the truth!!! Women sometimes feel like its wrong to WANT things or express their needs. We feel guilty. Ultimately our mates want to accomadate our needs and will put in the work to do so if we tell them the truth. In the end, all will be HAPPY & SATISFIED. In communicating your wants & needs you must remember to still provide positive feedback too.

Thanks for stopping through Kenya and please continue to share your insight!

Anonymous said...

I just read some of your previous post and as a newlywed I am in need of fellowship with other married folks. Most of my friends are still single and can't always relate to my NEW concerns.
I have been married 10 months and feel like we are already in a rut. I though the honeymoon phase lasted at least 2 years! I watched the Oprah webcast as you suggested and OMG, was it an education. I am going to get the Dr.'s book as well. Does anyone have any advice or other books I can should read?????

Spicy Wifey said...

Mrs. Newlywed...I can feel your emotion as I read your post. We will be posting our list of Recommended Reads in the next day or so. SO please check back in.
I understand your need to fellowship with women and other married couples right now. Its important. Its ok to keep diverse company though because you get more well rounded stimulation. So don't neglect your single friends all together if they aren't toxic and supportive of your marriage. But certainly seek out opportunities to gather with other Mrs's.
Spicy Wifey is all about recharging our relationships. No matter what stage or phase. Who's to say how long or what a honeymoon phase of a relationship looks like. Its different for everyone. You feel like you are in a rut, flip it! You are on the right track. Keep reaching out and reading and educating yourself so you can be who you need to be in your marriage. Listen to him. And apply what you learn, first to yourself. Then in your marriage.
Thanks for stopping through and keep us posted on your progress!

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