Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Michelle Obama Video

This is Future First Lady, Michelle Obama sharing a message from President-Elect Barack Obama's, call for a National Day of Service! This is an opportunity for you to do something worthwhile, with your families in light of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and the Presidential Inauguration. The call to service has been issued...what will YOU do?


Spicy Wifey said...

I am just speechless when I see Barack and Michelle! I feel so many emotions when I think about the potential of what Barack's leadership can mean for all of us!

Even with their difficult work, they still seem so bonded and in-love! Just an awesome family!

During this time of year we see all the images of the civil rights movement and being reminded of the suffering and pain endured by so many still stirs up difficult emotions. Service really is the best way to deal with that emotion. Apply that energy to change and to help others.

Newbie said...

My husband and I are getting some of our couple friends together and doing community service. Its so sexy to me to see him in this mode. so focused and determined for good!

Anonymous said...

Thats HOT!
It is nice when your guy is so focus on something good. Its definetly an attractive feature in a man. Barack may be good for MANkind in ways we never thought of before!