Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Night Live! Dating your spouse!

I recall dating my husband before marriage. I put extreme effort in to planning dates. I went through my ritual to insure I was looking good for my, nails, the perfect outfit! We married young, so during that period of our relationship, funds were limited. But we made the most out of every outing! We just loved being together! It was the dating that lead to the marriage. Its how we got to know one another and expressed our interests and expressed our feelings.

Fast forward to present time and we have many distractions and limited leisure time to daydream about our weekend rendezvous! That doesn't mean I have to stop dating my husband. Every once in a while it would be nice to capture that same exhilaration felt in the early days of dating when the relationship was new and exciting. In fact now that we have over a decade invested in our marriage, beautiful children and a life together, we have a lot to celebrate! In life, we are ever changing, so time spent getting to know one another is still critical. Taking time out to show our appreciation and interest should continue through out marriage.

Now we just need to creative about how we approach dating! Here are some tips:

- Be sure to plan something special for your mate! A night on the town or trip every once in a while won't break the bank if you plan. Make it a priority, budget accordingly and be attentive to special details. You might have to put money aside, but we must celebrate our unions! Spontaneity can be sexy, but don't forget to show your mate that you make them a priority and the effort made want go unnoticed!

- Don't neglect date night just because you are planning a special night or trip in the future. Nurture your relationship, small outings are just as important. Candle light at dinner, love notes, or a sensual massage at home are little ways to add spice to any night.

-Be sincere in all your efforts. Big or small...recall preparations made when you dated before marriage. Just coming over to watch television was an exciting adventure!

Share some of your favorite date night ideas?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder! This is easier said than done though. I was just thinking that my spouse and I don't go out much anymore. But who has the energy. Its kind of like what you said in the story, that when you are dating you make time and find the energy but we take our relationship for granted once we got them. once you really settle down and build some things, that is when you need the dates the most.