Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweet Dreams are mades of?

I read an article about "bedtime being couples time" and I began to reflect on my bedtime routine. My husband is a night owl and always has been. With kids and work, late night is usually his "Me" time. My schedule is a moving target, so a bedtime schedule is non-existent in our relationship.

I've noticed that when we have different schedules and different bedtimes, our relationship feels a little off balance. Going to bed at the same time allows you to connect and get in sync physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Not to mention the positive effects ending and starting your day in the arms of your mate can have on your relationship! Ahhhhh!

There are always going to be phases in the relationship when you feel like roommates, not lovers. When you make a shared bedtime an essential part of your daily ritual, you ensure that you and your partner have some time each day to rekindle your passion for each other and have some quality time together each day.

In the article they provide some bedtime tips!

- Really make an effort to turn in together, as hard as it may sound. It's one of the best choices you can make for a good night's sleep and gives you and your partner a moment for each other.

- Make a point to snuggle when you first get into bed. Connect, touch, and talk.

- After a little while, if one person wants to go to sleep, the other can read, write in a journal, or quietly listen to music with headphones. Eye masks and reading lights make it easy to avoid disturbing the other person.

- From Spicy Wifey, get the kids out of the bed & always kiss goodnight!

So, this all sounds so simple right? But after talking to friends, I quickly determined this is an issue in many relationships. The dynamics of how & what "bedtime" is, can vary tremendously from person to person. Some of us have varied sleep styles and positions. Some of us snore, some of us like to fall asleep to music or the television. And thats just how it is. Most of us never considered the bedtime rituals of our partners before we married. Wow, right? Who knew experts needed to add a session in premarital classes just on bedtime, lol!
Whats your bedtime issue? Share some "bedtime" tips!


TTD said...

My husband and I don't always go to bed at the same time but we have "SHOWERTIME" It allows us to connect and cleanse in a place we find good for the both of us. I am a school teacher so I work typical hours, He has his own business which forces him to work odd hours..But everyone knows that "SHOWERTIME" is essential and understand when he says it's time for him to go home. Friends chuckle at the fact that we take "SHOWERTIME" so serious but only if they knew!!!!

Spicy Wifey said...

Wow, thats great! I love it!

Another couple shared their story. They too both work opposite schedules and travel with work. They share a commitment to take a moment of quite time to reflect on their relationship at the same time everyday. So no matter where they are, they know at that moment they are connecting.

Thanks for sharing "SHOWERTIME" with us!

Quin, Co-Founder