Friday, January 15, 2010

Spicy Wifey - Jennifer Hudson!

Contrary to the popular misconception- you do NOT have to be MARRIED to be a Spicy Wifey! Our mission is to create more popular perceptions of marriage and encourage women to invigorate themselves and their relationships. If you believe in our mission, or you are an aspiring Spicy Wifey - YOU ARE A PART OF THE SPICY WIFEY MOVEMENT!

With that being said...The beautiful Jennifer Hudson (recently engaged to David Otunga) certainly qualifies! We love Jennifer because she is in love with her family and works to achieve balance, as we all do. New Mommy,Jennifer, has overcome tremendous adversity, tragedy and faced intense media scrutiny because of weight and still she shines!

We first fell in love with her on American Idol. Then she wowed us with her Academy Award winning performance in "Dream Girls and Jennifer has a CD in stores, featuring the hit song "Spotlight"! Just a few highlights...and her career is just beginning. AMAZING!

Jennifer Hudson is so well liked because she seems more like your girlfriend than an Academy Award winning, celebrity A Lister! Spicy Wifey Co-Founder Quintessence A. Patterson, recently spent some time with Jennifer at a recent photo shoot! "Jennifer is a doll, she is warm and yes, so real!" , said our Co-Founder.

We put together a Spicy Wifey Prize Pack especially for Jennifer! We know she will wear it well!
You too can win a Spicy Wifey Prize Pack in our Flavor of the Month Contest - send us your love stories, favorite recipes and share your tips on how you keep your relationship spicy! We will select a Wifey each month as our winner. Submission can be sent to
We cant wait to see wedding pictures, congratulations Jennifer & David!


Anonymous said...

I can not heartly wait either. I love this wonderful loving couple. I have said all the while, that Jennifer and David is problemly the hottest black couple out since Will and Jada Smith. This is one very very interesting pair, and the world is watching. They have created a very beautiful family. May God continue peace and blessings for the union.

Spicy Wifey said...

Well said Anonymous! They are an interesting pair and the world is watching. And yes, lets wish them peace and many blessings!

Quin, Co-Founder