Monday, January 4, 2010

Weight a minute!

Before you start that crash or fad diet take a minute to rethink how you will approach your weight loss resolutions this year! True, some fad diets do work...temporarily. But you will gain the weight back and usually a few extra pounds with them. This year, lets take a different approach! Lets loose the weight and keep if off, FOR GOOD!

Start your week off with Spicy Wifey and together we will reach our weight loss goals! We will learn how to eat to live, be fit and loose the weight. Each week our blog will provide information that will guide us along the way.

We are excited to bring you tips on eating healthy and loosing weight from our expert, Dalana Myers! She is a certified Health Education Specialist who has a passion for women's health issues. She will keep us focused on being healthy and creating habits that will make loosing weight simple and practical.

We will also explore some alternative fitness and eating lifestyles such as those of Vegans and Vegetarians. Speaking of alternative fitness...if you are in the Atlanta area sweat and feel the burn at our Femme Fatale Fitness Session! Its a sexy, full body workout that will give you the Spicy body you have always wanted!
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Anonymous said...

i just saw the description of the Femme Fatale Fitness and it sounds like so much fun.
I typically do a crash diet when I need to loose weight fast and you are right, I gain it back. I would like to ask the expert if its OK to do so and then switch to a another weigth loss program and just do the crash to get the weight loss going?

Dalana said...

As tempting as fad diets are for the quick results, unfortunately, I never recommend beginning a fad diet for any reason. Sounds like you are looking for long term results which require long term changes to your diet. If you make lifestyle changes such as healthy eating and regular exercise you will dramatically increase your chances of losing weight and keeping it off. Exercising regularly will help to increase your metabolism which will aid in further weight loss. If you complete a temporary fad diet and then try to begin a healthy diet, your transition to the healthy diet will be very difficult. Your body may react to the restrictions from the fad diet with issues like fatigue, dehydration, etc. Remember, the only benefit to a fad diet is quick weight loss. Your body will experience greater benefits from losing weight in a slow, steady, and healthy manner. It’s always better to be kind to your body by making healthier food selections and exercising regularly. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Dalana, I know you are right, but its so tempting! Thanks for responding to my question and I will check back in for more tips.

Spicy Wifey said...

Yes! Thank you Dalana for chiming in. We appreciate your advice.

On a personal note, I too can relate to the temptation of giving in to a crash diet. I have certainly done so in the past, to squeeze into a dress for a special event or funtion. But like Dalana stated, health is paramount and that is what is going to be different this New Year ladies!

As a mother, I have a new sense of value as it relates to my health. I want to be around as long as I can for my family and I want to set positive examples for my girls. And more importanly, I want to sustain my sexy- loose the weight and keep it off! And if that means loosing it slow, than I will take it!

Thanks Anonymous for your comments!

Quin, Spicy Wifey Co-Founder
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