Thursday, January 21, 2010

Till death to us part...married people live longer!

There are numerous studies that show that married individuals tend to live longer than singles! Despite the many stigmas often associated with married life...its dull, its boring, wives are nags and so on & so on! FINALLY, a point for the married team!

The data affiliated with many of these studies has produced multiple theories as to why married people tend to live longer. Emotional stability and regular sex are among the contributing factors. Emotionally, married people tend to be less stressed because they have a partner to share obligations with. That stability also translates into other aspects of life, regulating sleep, eating and unhealthy recreational activities. Your spouse will often hold you accountable, because they question and discourage unhealthy behaviours and encourage you to seek professional attention from doctors or other health professionals as needed.

There are also many known health benefits from sex! A married person, has regular access.
Did you know that sex...
- relives stress (Many hormones are released into your body causing feelings of euphoria and contentment. Simply taking your mind off your troubles and engaging in love making will take away stress and stress can aggravate and contribute to serious illness.)
- boosts immunity (It is cold and flu season and while you may getting in your vitamin C, don't forget you IgA! Having sex weekly can increase the antibody immunoglobulin, also referred to as IgA, protects against cold & flu.)
- burns calories (Good sex can be a workout. So if you can't make it to the gym, don't worry. You can get a good calorie burn in the bedroom!)
- improves cardiovascular health (Sex gets that heart pumping and blood flowing! Which is a great thing for your cardiovascular health!)
- boosts self esteem & self image (When you have a regular sex partner you often become more body conscious and begin taking better care of yourself. The pride you feel can produce a stronger sense of confidence. Physical touch and love improves your intimacy and bond with your mate, resulting in a more positive outlook on life in general. )
- produces orgasm (A hormone called DHEA released in the body has been linked to longer life expectancy. Studies suggest that at least 2 orgasm a week, increase DHEA in the body. )
- reduces pain & headaches (No more excuses that "you have a headache" because sex will knock that right out! Again, hormones releases produced during sex will dull and relieve pain. YES, that includes a headache.)
- helps you sleep better (Ladies, this comes as know surprise! Its not that you just have the special touch, its a scientific fact. After love making, right when you are ready to talk or cuddle up, hes out like a light! Don't get mad, sleep is good for him and you too.)
Continue to work on keeping your marriage could add years to your life!


Chloie said...

Great post! I'm actually a lot happier and felt more secure after I got married. My husband keeps me grounded and is definitely my number one source of entertainment. Hope that really translates to a longer life.

Spicy Wifey said...

Thank you Chloie for your comment and we are glad you enjoyed the post! Sounds like you and your husband have a wonderful bond and marriage. Having a partner that makes you feel secure is truly special! Keep adding years to your lives!

Quin, Co-Founder
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