Monday, May 24, 2010


Spicy Wifey was recently introduced to the world on The MoNique Show! Spicy Wifey Co-Founder, Quin Patterson, talked Spicy Wifey with MoNique for a few minutes in the opening monologue of the show. We were thrilled to be given such a tremendous opportunity and even more thrilled that Spicy Wifey received acknowledgments throughout the ENTIRE SHOW!

We wanted to get everyone involved in the excitement, so we created a contest...count the number of times MoNique and show guests, Nick Cannon & Elise Neal said "Spicy Wifey" during the episode.

The correct answer = 15 times!

We received submissions from all over the country and we are please to announce that

Mrs. Perry of Randolp, MA is our contest winner!

Mrs. Perry has won a Spicy Wifey Prize pack, that will include an assortment of Spicy Wifey Wear and a Spicy Wifey VIP Card!
Congratulations and thank you to all who participated!

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