Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spicy Wifey on the RADIO!

Tune into Beehive Radio TOMORROW, Thursday May 13th at 3pm, for The Venus vs. Mars segment of The Kenny Burns Show! Listen & watch, Spicy Wifey Co-Founder, Natalie Britt at!

And for some late night SPICE...don't forget to watch the hottest party in late night!
The MoNique Show
for your second dose of Spicy Wifey!
*Don't forget the MoNique Show contest! Watch the show from start to finish and count the number of times Monique and show guests (Nick Cannon & Elise Neal) say" Spicy Wifey". At the conclusion of the show, email your tally. The first 10 people to email the correct response will win something SPICY!

Email responses to

*Submissions begin at midnight 5.14.10, immediately after the show ends.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the concept and being a married woman I appreciate the attention being brought to the marriage and the showcasing of the "wifey" but I was looking for some spicy shirts. I saw the Monique show and the T-shirts are really nice, that's what made me visit the website. However, when I got to the home page and saw the drawing of the haulter Spicy Wifey top I went looking for that and only saw t-shirts. The jersey dress and pull-over hoodie dress are cute but I was looking for the "spicy" top.

Just wanted to suggest that if that's what's on your page you should be selling it because that really caught my eye. That was a real "Spicy Wifey" top to me. It was a little disappointing when I didn't find it for sale.

Not trying to be rude or discouraging I thought this would be some constructive criticism. I REALLY do like the shirts you have I just look forward to you expanding your collection :-)

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous...its a cartoon! And the other T-shirts are super cute so don't be disappointed. At least the tshirts you can wear all year. The halter is cute too, but not as versatile.
I love the concept too, keep up the good work ladies! You rock!

Spicy Wifey said...

Thank you ladies for your support! We appreciate you!!!

Thanks for the feedback as well. We used to carry a tube top, at the time it wasn't a popular item. But our Spicy Wifey illustration is pretty HOT and if the demand increases we have discussed re-introducing it to the line.

Just know, that we are still growing and evolving and all of the feedback is important! We have many new items in development!

We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter and that is the best way to receive announcements about new merchandise! To subscribe, go to

Quin, Co-Founder