Monday, May 10, 2010

Spicy Wifey Announcement!

Forgive us for missing our Weight a Minute Monday post! I know many are looking forward to hearing more about Christa's story! And you will, next Monday...

Natalie & Quin at the MoNique Show

but today, we must announce that the

Spicy Wifey episode of The MoNique Show will air
Thursday, May 13th at 11pm on BET! The episodes features Nick Cannon & Elise Neal!

Its a great episode and visit our blog tomorrow for a contest announcement!!!


Anonymous said...

DVR is set! I will be watching

Anonymous said...

Looking GREAT Ladies! Congrats

Anonymous said...

The show was great, but even more I think it is so phenomenal what you ladies are doing. I have been in a long term relationship which has scars but we have decided to stay together for the long run. Through it all we still admire each other, still have weekly dates,still strive to please one another, support one another and try new ways to add spice. We will be getting married next fall and I will be placing my order for not only myself but my cousin who be married next week. Young beautiful balck couples are my inspiration. I too will be getting together young black successful couples in my area really soon. I think it's very important to advertise commitments recognized by God! Keep up the great work ladies!!!
-Qionah B.

Anonymous said...

This is a great message you are sending. Marriage is a WONDERFUL thing and I really appreciate what you are doing. All the married couples of the world unite. If everyone talks about how much they love their spouses and how much they respect and honor their marriages, then it becomes inspiration to those single folks out their who want more from their relationships.

Spicy Wifey said...

Well said ladies! We are thrilled that you identify with our mission! And if Wifeys unite all over the world, together we can change the perceptions of marriage!
And change they way we percieve ourselves as husbands & wives.

Being a wife IS hot!
Quin, Co-Founder