Monday, June 21, 2010

Weight a Minute Monday! Lets get physical!

In our weekly Weight a Minute Monday series we explore health & wellness. Most recently we've been discussing diet and healthy eating habits. Maintaining health & fitness is important to feeling good and looking good! Along with a healthy diet, its important to to incorporate physical activity too.

Many find it difficult to commit to an exercise regiment. Experts say any activity is better that no activity. 3 - 5 days a week at 20 minutes a day is the recommended minimum. So be creative in your approach to physical activity if you hate to exercise! Spicy Wifey has hosted a few fitness inspired Seasoning Sessions. Each featured a non-traditional to approach to exercising but still got the job done!

Pole Fitness incorporates the sultry & sexy pole dance seen in strip clubs. This skill requires a strong core, use of upper body muscles and leg strength. This can be quite a workout!

Burlesque Dance or any dance routine is fun and doesn't feel like a workout at all! Once you learn a routine you can turn on your music at home and get in an aerobic style workout.

*For added spice, you can dress up and create a sexy alter ego for both! Incorporate props and accessories like boas, gloves, whips, handcuffs and fans.

As we have highlighted in past post...SEX another big calorie burner and releases endorphins that have other health benefits! In our next few posts we will focus on getting physical and bring you other sexy workouts options you can try in lieu or in additiona to traditional workouts.

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Married with Children said...

I actually do dance at home to get a workout in because I hate excercising but love to dance. I turn on the music and dance for 30 minutes everyday.

I sweat like I am at a night club dancing the night away, so I know I am burning calories!

But I don't dress up. Usually put on shorts and a T. So I will try to dress up for a fun twist!