Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Vision Boards - Remixed!

You've probably heard of a "Vision Board" or actually done one. Typically they are done to help you visualize goals for your life or your career aspirations. Natalie, ( Spicy Wifey Co-Founder) and I were discussing vision boards and I thought this could be a powerful tool in your relationship or marriage. Of course, it would need a little revamping and spicing up first. But could be fun and effective!

What is a Vision Board: A vision board is a collage of sorts of your visions for future or dreams. You attach images to a board to serve as a visual reminder to keep you motivated and stimulated on your pursuit. You can make it simple or extravagant. There are no rules...
Draw, sketch, attach words, notes, photographs, clippings...WHATEVER. Not only does your subconscious get a does of visual stimulation, the process of creating the board serves as constructive affirmation too. Spicing Up the Vision Board: Think Marriage Board or Wifey Boards! (Boards or scrapbooks to address the dreams for your relationship!) Apply the vision board concept to your relationship. Always begin with SELF, so do a Wifey Board first, to address the type of woman, & partner you want to be in your relationship. For example, a better friend, confidant or lover. Anything!
Then you could do a Marriage Board. Think about where you want to see improvement in the future...better communication, more intimacy, children, finances...endless possibilities and create your vision board. When you are ready, we suggest you do one with your mate too! Gratitude Boards are another way to explore whats fabulous in yourself, in your mate and your relationship! Then graduate to a Spicy Board!

We are planning a Seasoning Session around this concept and what we hope we can inspire you to take this concept and apply it to your relationship!

Quin, Co-Founder


CalebsMom said...

This is a great ideal. I think I will do it.

Anonymous said...

This would be fun for a girls night in or even a something unique to do at a bridal shower.

Real Wives Of Chicago said...

This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Spicy Wifey said...

SO GLAD YOU LADIES LIKE! This would absolutely be great for a bridal shower or girls night in!
I am planning something at home with my group of girls as we speak!

Email us pics of your boards too! We would love to see them!

Quin, Co-Founder

Mary said...

This is a really great idea. I'll have to give this some consideration. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary