Monday, June 14, 2010

Weight a Minute Monday! Organic- Whats the Hype?

In our weekly Weight a Minute Monday series, we explore health, fitness & wellness. All are very important to keep us at our SPICIEST!

Last week we discussed the Organic craze. Organic foods are EVERYWHERE these days. Many consumers have questions...are they healthier, why do they cost more and what is organic anyway?

What we've learned is that Organic "produce" does not have chemical pesticides & preservatives. Organic foods such as "meat", animals are fed more nutritious diets, aren't given growth hormones and are not packaged with the synthetic preservatives.
So, some of the benefits of eating organic meats, is that the meat contains more vitamins and minerals because the animals are fed healthier diets. And with both organic produce & organic meats, you aren't eating the chemicals, growth hormones and pesticides.

Many consumers are extremely concerned about the intake of such chemicals and believe they are linked to cancers, specifically breast cancer. Cornell University has information regarding consumer concern about pesticides.
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Academy Award nominated documentary film, FOOD Inc. informed and entertained millions away from the dinner table! The film covers everything from farming, processing, packaging and the politics of it all. It is certainly worth checking out.

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Anonymous said...

The film was good! Scary though, I was afraid to eat anything for a while. But it was good info, so is the info is this post. Thanks for encouraging women, to think about what we put in our bodies. Pesticides, do cause cancer I think. Despite the critics. None of the chemicals in food can be good for us.