Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Windows to the soul...

When was the last time you held hands with your spouse and "gazed" into their eyes? We aren't talking about casual eye contact or an extended the alter perhaps? Well, thats been too long. Eye gazing or Soul Gazing is something we should do often and can actually deepen your connection and your confidence!

In the Spicy Wifey Lap Dance 101 Seasoning Session, I was surprised by how much of the class focused on connection. A very important part of the class was staring directly into your husband eyes when doing your dance. It was a power move, but it was also part of the seduction.

Eye gazing is an intricate part in Tantra and Karma Sutra as well because of the power, seduction and connecting that occurs when you gaze into someones eyes. Speed dating sessions across the county also use this technique too, to see if you feel "fireworks" instead of the usual introductions and small talk. On a less romantic note, law enforcement and body language specialist pay close attention to the eyes as well when interrogating or interviewing...and there is a reason why. We have all heard the expression that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

I found this article on How To Soul Gaze and wanted to share it with you!

How To Soul-Gaze:

- Find a quiet place where you and your partner will be undisturbed. Then, stand across from your partner and place your right hand on top of his/her left hand, while your left hand should be placed underneath his/her right hand. Imagine that you are a mirror image of each other.
Begin to pace each others' breath and as you do this, slowly allow your connected hands to gently rise on the inhale and descend on the exhale. Continue breathing in this manner throughout the exercise.

-With your left eye, gently look into your partner’s left eye (from his/her perspective). Gaze at your partner softly and take your time, because this isn't a staring contest. Make sure that you blink naturally.

-Use your right eye to see peripherally. This will open up your second sight (3 or 4 points of attention) and give you a greater depth of perception. You may begin to feel a sensation building within you as you connect with your partner. Simply honor it and focus your mind on filling him/her with white light or unconditional love.

-Now, test out the connection you have established. To do this, gently lean back at the same time as your partner and notice how the connection is broken. Then notice how the chords between you are reattached once you lean back in.

-To end your soul-gazing session, disconnect your hands and close your eyes. Then, place your right hand on your heart and left hand on top. As you inhale focus on your navel and as you exhale, focus on the top of your head, for a total of 4 breaths. As you exhale on your fourth breath, slowly open your eyes.

-Make sure you thank your partner for sharing in the experience with you.
As you soul-gaze you may notice a number of things going on. Many people first notice their partner's face begin to morph. Sometimes a younger or older face begins to surface, which depending your beliefs might be indicative of past lives. Other times, people see colors of the aura or the face of an animal, which many indigenous cultures believe to be our animal guides.

But, regardless of your spiritual beliefs, Soul-Gazing will help you connect first with yourself, and with a partner. all, what is intimacy about, if not about its root meaning in relating to one in another?

The next time you have an argument with your mate, instead of talking it out...hold hands and look directly into one another eyes in silence for a moment. When you are in that posture its hard to yell and be aggressive.

Eye gazing is a simple way to connect and add a little spice. So lets try it and tell me what you think! Quin, Co-Founder

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Anonymous said...

Ok, you made me a believer! I tried this and it really worked. Just so happen my husband came home from lunch angry about something going on at the job and I held his hand and told him to just look me in the eyes and relax and he did. And it felt crazy at first, I wanted to laugh. But I saw he was really upset and focused and WOW. It felt great. I can't wait for him to get home from work!