Monday, July 26, 2010

Weight a Minute Monday - Celebrate Small Victories!

In our weekly Weight a Minute Monday series we explore ways to keep you fit & SPICY! Health and wellness are essential to maintaining our "Spice Factors".

We have spent the past few months chatting about healthy diets, lifestyles and getting physical. The goal is to develop a healthy "lifestyle" not to binge, diet, pop pills and yo-yo back and forth.
We want to encourage you to create healthy habits that will endure for a lifetime. Remember its not all about being thin...its also about nurturing your body for endurance and a long life!

This week our Weight a Minute Monday is all about ENCOURAGEMENT! Take a moment right now and say to yourself, out loud "I am beautiful as I am, I am capable of doing anything that I challenge myself to do, I am deserving, I am worthy, I can focus, I am strong!"

You have to celebrate the small victories and look at life has a journey...not a destination. Know that you can't measure success by reaching a weight loss goal. With that mind set, if you gain weight, you fail. No, the focus should be on milestones...because its a journey. Know there will be ups & downs. But when your goals become habits, you create a healthy lifestyle and that is success!

Stay encouraged! Keep doing your body good! Improve your lifestyle one day at time!

Quin, Co-Founder

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Wonderful words of advice!